B2b Content Marketing Infographic

Modern marketers are under pressure to accelerate pipeline growth and capture new buyers. As marketing goals continue to increase, marketers need an integrated content marketing solution to help them eliminate the guesswork and find quality potential buyers. Check out this infographic to see how Captora is helping content marketers adapt to these additional pressures. In this infographic you will see how Captora helps B2B marketers do the following:

  • Identify content gaps and prioritize resources across multiple channels.
  • Leverage your existing content to create and optimize hundreds of landing pages, at scale.
  • Improve the effectiveness of CRM and Marketing Automation solutions.

Captora is a content marketing solution that is enabling marketers to use competitive intelligence and buyer intent signals in order to get the right content in front of a target audience. Find out how Captora can help with your content marketing efforts!

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