B2B Content Marketing

According to Content Marketing Institute, B2B marketers are working on an average of 13 content marketing initiatives: 68% are working on creating more engagement content. With too many channels, too little content, and too few resources, marketers are left with guessing what content they should be creating. There is no integrated digital marketing solution to help B2B content marketers not only create content, but find new quality buyers as well. Captora helps find and capture new buyers.

With Captora, you can intelligently scale and optimize content marketing to drive new buyers at the top of the funnel. With Captora marketers can:

  • Access real-time buyer and competitive intelligence
  • Scale digital campaigns and existing content
  • Report success across the entire funnel

Captora provides insights across all your content so you can ensure you are capturing prospects before the competition. To get started with B2B content marketing, download our ebook.

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