Automated Marketing SaaS

With over 1,000 marketing technologies out there, marketers don't know what automated marketing SaaS solutions they should leverage to meet their goals. Today, CMOs and marketing departments are challenged to accelerate pipeline growth while reducing the cost to acquire a customer. Automated marketing SaaS technologies that work across channels are critical to ensure marketing productivity is increased. With a large focus on driving pipeline, marketing is limited on time and resources to put towards their overall strategy so that's where technology comes in!

Captora is a digital platform that scales and optimizes your digital campaigns across channels. A platform that opens doors to automated success through paid and organic search, content and marketing intelligence.

Now marketers can:

  • find content gaps across channels and prioritize resources
  • boost organic and paid search conversions
  • have an impact on existing marketing solutions you are leveraging such as marketing automation and CRM to drive more leads to the database

Find out why Captora should be another tool in your marketing stack that can drive success.

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video