Automated Marketing Platform

The digital marketing world is flourishing and companies are almost always implementing an automated marketing platform. Marketing is gaining a boost in funding and is expected to contribute heavily to revenue annually. As Generation Y enters the working world, there are new ways for companies to spread content across channels. Prospective buyers are specific in their search and have a plethora of resources to find answers. Meanwhile, content marketers have to both build content that drives demand and engagement, while also completing other tasks to contribute to pipeline. Some companies explore new types of content to expand their web presence with things like blogs, whitepapers, and/or videos.

Captora helps you create your content and then uses buyer pain points with keyword phrases your prospects are looking for. Captora can assess productivity and success of your custom, tailor-made content. Content creation can be often be a manual and tedious process, but by leveraging automation technology, you can sit back and watch your content generate leads itself. Captora optimizes your existing content to help scale campaigns and drive pipeline.

Watch our quick demo video to learn more about Captora!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video