Automated Marketing Concepts

The digital marketing stratosphere is bigger than ever as companies are putting increased emphasis on automated marketing concepts. Marketing is receiving more funding and is looked at to increase revenue each year. According to Conductor, 50- 65% of marketing execs foresee spending more on marketing technology this coming year.

As Generation Y grows up, there is a need for the awareness of altering appetites for consuming information about future purchases. How will prospective buyers respond? Content marketers must be innovative in brainstorming captivating content that drives demand and awareness. Some companies are exploring new types of content- blogging, whitepapers, or video- and this is just the start of this content marketing movement.

Captora takes your content and aims it at prospects at each step of the buyer journey. You can assess the productivity and impact of your custom, tailor-made content. We know that content creation can be a manual and painful process, but by leveraging technology that tells you what campaigns have the highest impact. Captora leverages existing content to help you scale campaigns to take away the painful guesswork.

Take your content marketing up to the next level and see how Captora can help!

Digital Marketing Acceleration Video