Automated Content Trends Of 2015

Automated Content Trends of 2015 is a booming topic as inbound becomes increasingly important to marketing strategies! How does one define inbound marketing and how does it add value in today's business world?

Content marketing has witnessed outstanding results and it is no longer coined a "fad". Yet, there still seems to be a widespread struggle to develop a fruitful content strategy.

Content development is imperative to your marketing mix; but developing targeted content that achieves higher levels of demand is where marketers face roadblocks today. Be it testing new types of content, attempting user-generated content, or brainstorming fun and appealing techniques, your content should be accurate and timely, regardless of the type of content marketing.

All of this requires a lot of time, money and energy. And while marketers burry themselves trying to cut through the noise, C-Level employees are scratching their heads wondering where the metrics are to justify their spending.

Captora. The lead generation automation software that can complete your top-of-the-funnel efforts. Captora automates and speeds up the process of developing engaging, hyper-targeted content that will attract your users and induce your conversion rates while lowering your customer acquisition cost.

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