Automated Content Trends

In July, "Content Marketing" was amongst the most commonly researched topics on Google. Automated content trends show marketers are pouring a large majority of funds into content marketing–from developing eBooks, to blogs, white papers,and more. But there is a tradeoff with all this development: you must have the tools that answer whether or not it's successful.

The buzz associated with marketing channels is seemingly a barrier to getting your content the right amount of visibility. How do you maximize your content to engage new buyers? How are you leveraging technology to create content at scale that not only captures new buyers but helps with your content roadmap.

Among all of your modern marketing questions, Captora is here to help.

Captora was designed to address a big marketing setback – capturing potential buyers interest when they begin their search for products to solve their issues. By leveraging existing content, marketers are creating, launching, and optimizing hundreds of campaigns that are targeted to buyer pain points to ensure they aren't missing out on new pools of buyers. By being content aware, Captora ensures you are creating campaigns leveraging your best existing content to drive more leads to your marketing automation database for nurturing and scoring.

If you'd like to learn more about how Captora is driving the world of content marketing, our ebook Content That Fuels Growth outlines the how-tos, ins-and-outs, and helpful hints to the development, promotion and success of an ebook.

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