Automated Content Tracking Software

Automated content tracking software is imperative to your inbound efforts. Marketers today are challenged with figuring out ways to both engage with their audience, but also ensure that their content is driving conversions who will become qualified leads. Content marketing today is a huge part of marketing strategies to build demand. While marketers are investing time and countless dollars into creating high quality content, there is an additional hurdle of defining what really is "quality." Marketers must make sure their content counts and they are hitting their target goals.

Marketing automation is a facet of technology that enables businesses to automate, streamline, and measure marketing campaigns with the goal of boosting efficiency and inducing revenue. Marketing automation software encompasses lead generation, lead nurturing, relationship marketing, and much more.

Captora is today's leader in breakthrough cloud marketing solutions, enabling modern marketers to automatically and intellectually leverage their content to drive revenue and grow pipeline growth across mutiple channels. Captora helsp customers noticably boost their content and their conversions. How does Captora work to automate your content?

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