Automated Content Tracking

The importance of automated content tracking today is growing exponentially. While marketers know this and resultantly are throwing dollars into creating quality content, there is a direct correlation with the difficulty marketers have defining the parameters for "quality." Marketers are constantly faced with the question of how can we measure our marketing successes and gaps?

Today it's not enough to own content. You must be able to also quantify how your content is converting viewers into customers and leads.

Bottom line is, measurement is essential for reaching your end goals. This has statistically been the demise of some marketers; in fact, a mere 42% of B2B marketers say they are fruitful in content marketing.

Don't find yourself among this statistic; look to Captora.

Captora's Digital Marketing Acceleration Software is content aware and enables marketing teams to:

  • see buyer insights and competitor intelligence
  • scale and optimize cross-channel digital campaigns leveraging existing content
  • allow your C-Level Execs and Marketing Team to view and track successes with an analytics database that leads you to continued successes.

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