Automated Content Creation

Marketers today struggle to find productive ways to drive automated content creation to develop brand awareness. Whether it’s exploring new types of content, giving user generated content a try, or coming up with fun and catchy ideas, your content needs to be accurate and up to speed, regardless of whether you engage in B2C or B2B content marketing.

The buyer journey is altering, and developing valuable and educational content is a necessity with all the buzz there is out there in the business world today. But where do you start? How should you prioritize your content mix? And how do you get it out to the right audience in a timely manner while maintaining the sustainable edge?

Captora's Digital Marketing Platform scales your content and optimizes it to ensure you are reaching your prospective buyers before your competition. Captora helps you map content at each stage of the buyers journey so that you are effective in targeting the right content to the right types of people. Captora provides you with the intelligence to assess your content gaps and inform you of opportunities with existing content.

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