Automated Content Analysis

Marketers are investing large portions of their budgets into content marketing. Without a automated content analysis tool, it is hard to determine and measure the impact of hundreds of different content pieces over time. From the development of eBooks to blogs to video, increasing costs make marketers question the justification of the ROI of creating this content. In order to effectively determine the ROI of expensive content marketing investments, it’s imperative to measure how well that content is converting prospects and viewers into customers and leads. You need a universal platform that marks and tags all of your content's views, and conversions regardless of channel or campaign type.

In the world of today’s multi-channel digital marketing, content marketing is number one on the leader board. But these days it is getting increasingly harder to define what quality content is, as its success is not as easily measured. Marketing leaders lack resources to support the high cost of creating and distributing quality content. Captora wants to help you track, leverage and increase conversions on your content to identify and capture new buyers. Contact us today!

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