Applications Marketing Campaign Optimization

The importance of campaign optimization for marketers is huge. That's why businesses that use different applications for marketing need Captora for campaign optimization. Captora helps marketers identify, develop, and elevate hyper-targeted inbound campaigns to capture and engage new purchase-ready buyers. Especially in Paid Search, Captora making campaign optimization easy with dynamic content personalization of landing pages by search term, location, device, and more. No more manual A/B testing and dozens of landing pages- with a Captora you can do multi-varient testing and reduce the number of landing pages you create and optimize to drive up conversion rates and increase the impact of your paid search investments.

Without Captora, companies waste resources hiring people to carry out the labor-intensive process of finding demand signals, mapping out relevant search keywords and generating optimized content for targeted campaigns. Of course, this is not scalable for the large majority of companies. Captora focuses on campaign optimization and on automating other components of inbound marketing to scale the lead volume while eliminating funding to add more people to the process. Learn more about Captora for Marketing Campaign Optimization today by clicking here.

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