Acquisition Cost

Customer acquisition cost is the cost it takes to convince a potential buyer to purchase your product or service. It not only includes the cost of the service or product but any associated costs for research, marketing, etc. As marketers we want the customer acquisition cost to be low. Understanding your CAC is important to know since it helps companies make informed business decisions. So how can you keep your CAC low?

  • Identify and understand your buyer profiles
  • Create targeted campaigns
  • Focus on building relationships with potential buyers
  • Create relevant and valuable content

Potential buyers are doing their own research online, so by providing them with valuable content and targeted campaigns they are more likely to convert. With Captora, marketers can leverage existing content to create personalized and targeted campaigns across channels. Forget the guesswork around marketing, with Captora you have insights into what your buyers are searching for as well as what your competitors are up to, in order to help you convert anonymous buyers into paying customers with a lower CAC and a faster turn around. Check out how Captora can help you make an impact on pipeline and on the bottom line!

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