5 Steps To Great Content Marketing

Let's face it; the modern digital marketing landscape is a face-paced, in-it-to-win, cut-throat jungle that is causing marketers to pull out all their survival tricks. One of the main ways marketers are keeping up with the changes and additional pressures, is by creating and promoting custom content that demands to be engaged with. Here are 5 basic steps to becoming great at content marketing.

  1. Develop a Strategy - Content marketing is a long-term process that aims to develop a relationship with prospects and existing customers by promoting relevant content. In order to be successful, you need a well-documented strategy that allows you to match your goals against the success of your campaigns.
  2. SEO - In an attempt to provide online users with the exact content that they are looking for, Google is constantly changing its search algorithm. Marketers should be knowledgeable of the fact that Google prefers landing pages over generic homesites and content relevancy over a list of keywords.
  3. Thought Leadership Content - Content marketing offers you the chance to help your target audience over come a specific problem. Rather than promoting click bait to game Google, your content needs to establish you as a credible and trustworthy thought leader.
  4. Use Landing Pages to Align Content - In the Era of Engagement, landing pages are a modern marketers best friend. They allow you to provide targeted and personalized campaigns to online users. Which is what is expected by users and demanded by Google.
  5. Continuos Testing - Certain assets, titles, CTA's and formats may either cater to your audience or fail completely. The only way to tell is A/B test your campaigns. In fact, using correct targeting and testing methods can increase conversion rates up to 300 percent. (Steelhouse)

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