5 Marketing Metrics

Marketers are constantly looking for new trends and new metrics because in this fierce digital marketing landscape, its either be current or perish. In order to prevent you from being an extinct marketer, here are 5 marketing metrics you should be paying attention to.

  • Traffic Source - As buyers are coming in from a variety of different programs and channels, you need to be tracking which channel is generating the most traffic. Understanding where your traffic is coming from can help justify the spend on your marketing programs
  • Conversion Rates - This refers the percentage of website visitors that have done what you want them to do on a given campaign. Knowing your highest converting assets, paired with highest converting CTA is a great way to optimize your marketing campaign.
  • CAC - Your customer acquisition cost allows you to justify new campaigns or new technologies. If your average CAC suddenly increases or decreases, you can look at your strategy to see what caused the deviation.
  • ROI - Understanding your Return on Investment allows you justify budget spends and which campaigns to continue with, drop, or double-down on.
  • CPL - Cost per lead lets you know how effective certain campaigns are for lead capture. A major reason there is a shift from outbound prospecting to inbound content marketing is because the latter has a lower CPL.

Using the metrics to develop actionable, data-driven insights is the key to success in modern marketing.

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