Advanced Personalization

Boost conversions and drive digital strength with Form Shortening and Content Personalization across your entire website.


Key Features

Form Shortening

  • Precise, shorter forms with real-time identification of company address, industry, annual revenue, and company size as pre-populated or hidden fields.

  • Standardized prospect data that includes key company information for all anonymous visitors to the website.
  • Support for form shortening on both Captora Campaigns (Organic Search and Paid Search) and all other website pages.
  • Reporting on conversions and drop-offs for all forms on the website by industry and company information.
  • Out of the box integrations with Marketing Automation (middle of the funnel), CRM, and web analytics systems.

Content Targeting

  • Hyper-targeted content and messaging for specific account segments with real-time identification of company information (company name, location, industry, annual revenue,
    and company size).
    • For Captora Campaigns – Highly targeted campaigns with relevant content, CTA, and messaging.
    • For rest of the website – Highly engaging website pages with relevant banner images and content.
  • Reporting on all website visitors by firmographics (company name, industry, annual revenue, and company size) with integrations for Google Analytics and Omniture SiteCatalyst.
  • Out of the box integration with CMS platforms (e.g. Drupal, WordPress).

Key Differentiators

High Match Rates & Better Targeting With Real-Time Audience Intelligence Service

  • Proprietary technology integrated with 3rd party services to boost the accuracy of the data set.
  • High match rates of 30-60% on both IP and domain based lookups.
  • Firmographic data collected from 60k+ websites generating over 10 billion transactions monthly.
  • 15 million individual company records with 11.5 million US only.
  • Monthly refresh of all firmographic data.

Key Benefits

Boost conversion rates and improve ROI with shorter, more precise forms.

Boost digital strength
with hyper-targeted personalization and messaging across your
entire website.

Drive ROI from your Marketing Automation with better quality lead data.

Optimize marketing and sales strategies with Account Based Analytics for all website visitors.