Captora offers breakthrough Cloud Marketing Applications. Modern marketers can automatically and intelligently leverage their content to drive pipeline growth across channels. Our Marketing Execution Platform helps you evolve with demand and engage with buyers before the competition.


"We've seen huge increases in leads AND conversions."

Jacob Lehrbaum, Director of Marketing
"I see Captora becoming a significant portion of our go-to-market strategy."
Janelle Donovan, Director of Marketing
"We saw our paid search conversion rate increase by over 50%."

Beat marketing’s pipeline goals while improving cost per lead.

Capture new buyers at the lowest cost per buyer – and before your competition
Leverage existing content and develop data-driven content roadmaps for future investments
Optimize and manage hundreds of campaigns across search, social, and advertising channels
Know exactly what your competitors are up to – and neutralize their messaging

Captora is the only data-driven marketing execution solution.


Automatically leverage content to create new campaigns (CaptureSites)


Effectively reach and engage new buyers across multiple channels


Continuously test and optimize campaign conversion rates