Captora delivers more revenue, 100% of the time
new pipeline contribution
new pipeline contribution
lead cost reduction
lead cost reduction
paid search leads
paid search leads
Captora Unleashes Marketing Performance

Always-on buyer and
competitive intelligence


Closed-loop campaign


Predict, analyze, and
report successes

Captora unleashes marketing performance to reach new levels not possible before. Captora leverages the right content to engage new buyers across search, advertising, and social channels before they know about your company, your products, or your competition.

How Captora Works
1. Analyze OpportunitiesCaptora analyzes your buyer demand signals to give you actionable insights on untapped marketing opportunities
2. Unleash ContentCaptora intelligently uses existing content to create 100s of campaigns across channels
3. Optimize CampaignsCaptora continually tests and optimizes campaign elements to drive the highest possible conversion rate
Leverage the right content to discover, engage, and convert new buyers across channels.
We help you make sure your customers find you -- not your competitors -- first.
Capture ROI: decrease your acquisition cost and grow pipeline
We help you dramatically increase your marketing-generated leads and buyers.
Capture Intelligence: identify strategic opportunities at every corner
Rapidly and continuously adapt your marketing based on what new buyers are looking for right now.